Thanks for using these Tumblr apps. If you are experiencing issues don't worry, chances are it's to do with high usage on the site, so coming back later should fix your problem. Try a different blog (e.g. my blog kylebonallo) to see if others are having issues. If you want to get in touch you can do so using the link below.

Speed issues
Q. The app is slow or pausing frequenty
Broken, no results
Q. The app is broken and not returning any results for my blog
I have an idea
Q. I have an idea for how to make the app better, are you interested?
Open Source release
Q. Do you have any plans to release this as an open source project?

Send me a message on tumblr

Remember to include the Tumblr username and a summary of the issue.

You can see a running example here, or see info on how it works