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It's running slow or getting stuck

Blogs with large numbers of posts (over ~5000 posts) will find this most noticeable. The app uses the Tumblr API which has minute/hour rate limits. When the site is busy we sometimes hit this rate limit. Please be patient or come back again later. If the problem persists please send me a message using the link below.

The app is broken or not returning any posts

Check that your blog is not set to 'Hidden from web' in the Tumblr settings. If not, chances are it's to do with high usage and coming back later should fix the problem. Send me a message on Tumblr if the problem continues, remember to include your Tumblr username if possible.

Posts are missing or not showing

Posts that have been flagged or are private in Tumblr will not be returned by the Tumblr API.

If you believe posts are missing that should be included please get in touch.

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